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Bandarpunch Glacier

Bandarpunch is an importance glacier of Yamuna basin. The glacier is 12 km long sityated on the northem slopes of Bandarpunch peak (6316) Bandarpunch west (6102) and Khatling peak(6387m)The glacier is formed by three corque glaciers and later joins the Yumna river.Theglacier lie on a gentle slpoe and it bounded by lateral moraones which indicate the last surface leval of the glacier.

How To Reach Banderpunch Glacier.


Total Distance

Delhi———————————- Banderpunch Glacier———- 452 kms.

Delhi———————————- Meerut———————— 67 kms.

Meerut——————————– Roorkee———————– 116 kms.

Roorkee——————————- Dehradun———————- 71 kms.

Dehradun—————————— Mussoorie——————— 35 kms.

Mussoorie—————————– Barkot———————— 90 kms.

Barkot——————————– Jankichatti——————— 43 kms.

Jankichatti—————————– Kanatal———————— 30 kms.

Kanatal——————————– Babderpunch Glacier———- 00 kms.

Rail :- Nearest Railhead  is  Rishikesh.

Air :- Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant at Dehradun

Base Camp Taluka

Taluka to Bandarpuch—————– 23 kms.

Taluka to Seema/ Osla—————- 14 kms.

Seema to Bandarpunch—————- 15 kms.

Taluka to Mussoorie——————- 171 kms.

Mussoorie to Dehradun—————- 36 kms.

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