Tipra Bamak Glacier

Tipra Bamak is a 6 km long glacier of the Bhyundar Ganga Basin in the the Alaknadnda catchment . Near 16 glaciers of Various size and shapes exists in the basin out of which only Tipra Bamak and adhoining Ratabnan Glaciers are of Singficance. The melted wate discharte of these glaciers emerges from a singal ice cave at the snout of the Tibat Namak. The glacier surface is coverd by a thick deposit of devirs .

Ghangaria is the only place for staung in the vicinity. the best time to Visit the glacer is mid june to mid October.

Base Camp Govind Ghat

Govind Ghat to Tipra Bamak Glacier — 20 kms.

Govind Ghat to Ghangaria————- 14 kms.

Ghangaria toValley of Flowers——— 04 kms

Valley of Flowers to Tipra Bamak—– 02 kms.

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Sunderdhunga means the valleys of beautiful stones.Sunderdhunga glacier in the pinder region ios realtivey region is a relatively though trek. This Valley is situated to the west of the pindar Valley and has two glaciers to offer to trkkers

and nature lovers Maiktoli and Sukhram. The peaks that offers a spectacular view when seen form  here are Tharkot (6100) Mrighuni (6858) Maiktoli(6030) amd panwalidwar (6663m) Sunderhunga is approximately 24 km form the Village Khati.

How To Rech Pindari   Glacier


Bageshwar is well connected by road to all  major towns of the state. Taxis are available for local tramspot.

Total Distance

Delhi———————————- Sunderdhunga Glacier——— 496 kms.

Delhi———————————- Moradabad——————- 145 kms.

Mordabad—————————– Kaladugi———————- 83 kms.

Kaladungi—————————– Almora———————— 98 kms.

Almora——————————– Bageshwar——————– 82 kms.

Bageshwar—————————- Song————————– 36 kms.

Song———————————- Suderdhung——————- 52 kms.

Rail :- Kathgodam is the nearest Railhead.

Air :- Panthnagar is the nearest Airport.

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Nanda Devi Glacier

The Nanda Devi North and Nanda Devi South two noteworthy glaciers of Uttaranchal Himalayas reguion are both approximately 19 km in lentrh. These glacers stem form lthe southern slope of Nanda Devi peak. Therse well developed glacier can be accessed foem Lata and Joshimath which is the last roadhead. The trek to the glaciers onme of the most treacherous in Uttarachal measers through alpine neadows naooriw gorges steep Mounation slopes and sometimes through patches of snow.

River Basin : Rishi Ganga

Originates from : Southem slope of Nanda Devi Peak (7108m)

Length : 19 kms.

Approachable from : Joshimath on the way Malari Road  through Lata.

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Namik Glacier

The Ramganga east Vallkey is among the most difficulty trekking ares of the higher Himalayas. In one day one reaches Bala Villge on Thal Munsyari route near the famous Birthi falls.On the second day one can stayh at Thala Bgual. On the third day before reachind sudam kham one has to go through Thal Thunk Chafual Ranrthan and Malla Rantha. On the fourth day after crossing Rahil Nandkunbd and the ascent to Reumandar the trekker reaches Hirammani Glacier. The fifth day is special as one see the snout of Namik Glacier and the lesser stream coming down form Anargal to meet the main stream after and the lesser stream coming down ascent of Bhindawali and enthang.

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Milam Glacier

Milam at 3,450 meters is populary the largest glacier in the kumaon region and liew in the easternm region of Kumaon . It is sityuated on the  south facing slope of the main Himalayas rage is 16 km long and originages form the slope of Kholi and Trushual [eaks it if s\fed by the Nanda Devi on the west and the panchuli and Kalababdar glaciers form the east and is the soure for the Milam river snd tirbyrary of lthe Pindar river.

The Jounary involves a bout 10 days of rrekking between 4-7 houres each day . The best season is May –June and spetmber –October.

How To Reach Milam   Glacier


Total Distance

Delhi———————————- Milam Glacier —————– 705 kms.

Delhi———————————- Moradabad——————- 145 kms.

Moradabad————————— Bareily———————— 96 kms.

Bariely——————————– Tanakpur———————- 135 kms.

Tankupr——————————- Champawat——————- 76 kms.

Champawat————————— Ghat————————— 45 kms.

Ghat———————————– Pithoragrah——————– 29 kms.

Pithoragrah—————————- Munsyari———————- 121 kms.

Munsyari—————————— Milam Glacier—————– 58 kms.

Rail :- Nearest Railhead Tanakpur.

Air :- Pithoragarh has an Airstrip At Naini Sani.

Base Camp Munsyari
Munsyari to Lilam——————— 12 kms.

Liam to Bog Udiyar——————- 13 kms.

Bagudyar to Railkot——————- 12 kms.

Martoli to Burfu———————– 09 kms.

Mialm to Milam Village ————— 08 kms.

Millam Vullage to Glacier————– 05 kms.

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Mailkoti Glacier

To the west of the Pindari glacier situated on the southem slope of the sunderdhunga khal is the 5 km long Mailkoti glacier. This glacier forms the source of the river floweing on the steep slope for about  25 km before Joining the pinder river at at Dhakuri meadows.

To the west of Maolkoti glacer is the Mrighuni glacer sityated on the southen slpoe of the devtoli peaks. It covers  6 km long flow towards the S-E directons of the Valley with the smouth opening at and elvealtion of 400 m. and as a stream neets the sunderhunga river at sunderdhunga (32006m).

Base Camp Song

Song to Maiktoti———————– 44 kms.

Song to Loharkhet——————— 03 kms.

Loharkhet to Dhakuri—————— 11 kms.

Dhakuri to Khati———————– 08 kms.

Khati to Glacier———————– 22 kms.


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This lateral glacier situated in Tehri District is the sourceof river Bhilanga> the glacier is surrounded by the snow peaks of the hogin group (6466)sphetic pristwar (6905m)Barkte kauter (6579) krti stambh (6902m) and Mery. The pristwar morainses on the side of the glaciers look like standing walls of gravel mud.

The entry to the Bhilabgana Valley provides excellent sports for camping . Tents and adequaters proviside  need to be arranged inadvance from Rishikesh , Tehri or Dehradun.

How To Reach Khatling  Glacier


Total Distance

Delhi———————————- Khatling Glacher ————– 452 kms.

Delhi———————————- Roorkee———————– 183 kms.

Roorkee——————————- Rishikesh———————- 55 kms.

Rishikesh—————————— Chamba———————– 62 kms.

Chamba——————————- Galdoil———————— 53 kms.

Gadolia——————————– Ghuttu————————- 47 kms.

Ghuttu——————————— Khaling———————— 52 kms.

Rail :- Nearest Railhead  is  Rishikesh.

Air :- Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant at Dehradun

Base Camp Guttu

Guttu toReeh————————– 10 kms.

Reeh to Gangi————————- 10 kms.

Gangi to kalyani———————– 05 kms.

Kalyani to Bhalbagi——————– 13 kms.

Bhelbagi to Khatling——————- 07 kms.

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Kafni Glacier

The scenic beauty and the tranquility prevailing in this region has an unbeatable charm. The kaphni glacier lies left of the pinder Valley below the famous peak of Nadakot. As cpompared to pinder the valley is much broader and the rhododendron that bloom ther are spectaculary beautiful. The main Himalayan summits visible from the glacier are Nandakot (6860m) and Nababhar (6236m).

There are no rest houses beyond Dwali on the Kaphni track so one has the use tents. Byali Udiyar is an ideal spot for a hight stay there are grasslands to pitch a tent and caves for a convenient hight half. The best season is May – June and September – October.

How To Reach Kafni Glacier


Bageshwar is well conncted by road to all major towns of the state. Taxis are available for local transport.

Total Distance

Delhi———————————- Kafni Glacier—————— 489 kms.
Delhi———————————- Moradabad——————- 145 kms.
Moradabad————————— Kaladungi——————— 83 kms.

Kaladungi—————————– Almora———————— 98 kms.

Almora——————————– Bageshwar——————– 82 kms.

Bageshwar—————————- Song ————————– 36 kms.

Song———————————- Dwali————————– 33 kmns.

Dwali———————————- Kafni Glacier—————— 12 kms.

Rail :- Kanthgodam is the nearest Railhead.

Air :- Panthnagar is the nearest Airport.

Base Camp Song

Song to Loharkhet——————— 03 kms.

Loharkhet to Dhakuri—————— 11 kms.

Dhakuri to Khati———————– 08 kms.

Diwali to Kaphni Glacier—————– 12 kms.


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Gangotri Glacier

Gangotri glacier is a well know glacier in Garhwal Himalayans situated in Uttarkashi district .The glacier originates at the northern slope of the Chaukhanba range of peaks. This is not a singale valley glacier but a combuunation of several other flaciers that are fed to it and from a huge mass of ice   Bhrigupanth   (6772m) Kirti stambh (6285) summery parvat(6380) respectively and Ratavaa Bamak chaturangi Bamak and Swacha nd Banak lie on peaks. The glacier lies with ib a span of 28 km and terminates at Gaunkh (400m)/ The glaciers flows at a gentle slope ezcept fore a few ice walls and crevices developed in the upper regions of tge devris which imparts a muddy appearances to its surface.

Base Camp Gangotri Temple
Gangotri temple to Gangotri Glacier  :- 17 kms.


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Dunagiri glacier is one of the important glaciers of the Dhauli Ganga sustem of glaciers where more than 500glaciers of different and size lie in deep and narrow Valleys. The important glacier here are changabf Githi Hoti and Niti glaciers. Duringiri glacier is 5.5 km long extending between elevations from 5150 m (head) to 4240m (shout) at the terminal point. A stream originating from the glacier enrages in to Dhauli Ganga near the Jamu Village.Bagini is another glacier in this Valley.

Dunagiri is the last Village in the Valley. Near the Vicinity of the glacier there is a good place for camping. The best time to Visit the place is mid May to mind October.

Base Camp Juma Village

Juma to During Glacier—————- 20 kms.

Juma to During Village—————– 08 kms.

Durigiri to Dunagiri Glacier————- 12 kms.

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