Mountain Calling

Mountain Calling

More than two hours of commute, meetings with clients, daily submission of reports, deadlines for clearing files – all this and more ensured that life perpetually remained in the fast forward mode among all of us. The weekend respite was just not enough to recoup your exhausted yourself. And one fine day you may decide to call it quits, heading back towards the hills to start life afresh. We are exchanging a fast and fashionable lifestyle of the cities for the slow and simple life of the mountains.


The fact that people take a break from their hectic schedule and go to the hills to rejuvenate themselves speaks volumes about salubrious effects of cool climes. Even the afflicted are advised by doctors to recuperate in the hills. If possible. While life goes on at a leisurely pace in the mountains, it would be wrong to assume that it is bringing and uneventful.


Whether one takes a stroll or just sits, enjoying the bounties of nature, it relaxes the mind instantly. For those with an adventurous streak, trekking and mountaineering are exciting activities which also help in understanding the topography better. Tourism related activities are not just attracting youngsters, but also paving the way for entrepreneurs to tap into its economical potential.


Accessibility and connectivity have brought welcome changes to the remote hilly areas. The government, too, gives subsidies and soft loans, camps, hotels restaurants and home stays are generating business. If it is pollution which is making life difficult in cities, serene and peaceful life of hills are indeed calling many. Be it solo travellers or travelling in group, such trips to hills indeed give a refreshing experience and boost to ‘reverse migration‘ to the hills.