Wajula Forest Rest House

Wajula FRH is situated 3km off the Baijnath-Gwaldam road in the Bageshwar Forest Division at an altitude of 1275m. It was built in 1930 amidst mixed deodar and oak forest. Few trees of shilling which bloom in autumn and spread their lovely fragrance are found here. The 8km trek from here to Baijnath is breath taking. Another interesting 7km trek is to Kot-bhramari temple, is good for bird watching. The 25km drive to Gwaldam, through the oak and chir forests is also enchanting.

Tourist attraction near FRH :

Surrounded by Deodar & Oak mixed forests, Baijnath temple (8kms), short walks & trails, Kotbhramari temple (7kms).

Location : Gwaldam road & near to Kotbhramari temple.

Forest Division: Bageshwar
Year of Construction: 1930
Year of Renovation: 2013