Tanakpur Forest Rest House

Tanakpur FRH is 2.5 km from Tanakpur railway station. Built in 1916 at an altitude of 254m, it is accessible round the year. In early years of 20th century when Tanakpur-Sirkone tramway line was in use. Tanakpur was its main station, being a very big depot of forest produce.

Shidhbala Temple is 4 km from here across the barrage on sharda. Purnagiri temple is 20 km at the height of 300m on the right bank of kali and draws a huge number of devotees during navratras. Rafting and walks along the Kali River to Pancheshwar are a delight. Syamla Tal ashram of Swami Vivekanand is located on the way to Champawat and is 4 km off road on the banks of a lake. If the fair weather road to the sharda valley is accessible, a 15 km drive to chukka where Jim Corbett shot a man eater in 1937 is a good diversion.

Tourist attraction near FRH :

Purnagiri Temple (15kms), Sidhbala Temple in Nepal (1.5 km), trekking along Kali River upto Pancheswar & Purnagir

Location : Situated near Indo-Nepal border (1.5kms), Tanakpur railway station (2.5kms)

Forest Division: Haldwani

Elevation : 254m AMSL
Year of Construction: 1916
Year of Renovation : 2008