Mussoorie- Places of Visits, I

The heart of Mussoorie:– Stretching from the Landour Clock Tower to Library the bazaar leads of the Post Office, Himalayas Club picture palace and the Jubilee cinemas. The fashionable avenue the Mall runs through the Kulir Bazaar terminating at the Library.

Nag Devta Temple:- An ancient temple situated on Car Mackenjie road and is a bout 6 km from Mussoorie. Vehicles can go right up to the spot. It proved a charming view of Doon valley as well as a of Mussoorie.

Mussoorie Lake:- A newly developed picnic spot situated on Mussoorie Dehradun road and is a bout 6 km from Mussoorie it is a delightful spot. Pedal is available. It commands an enchanting view of Doon valley and nearby Villages.

Van Chetna Kendra:– At a distance of a bout 2 km on Tehri by pass road. This place is developed as a piscine spot and has a park surrounded with pine forest and flowering shrubs and is approachable by for or taxi / car main attractions is the wildlife of the park like Ghural kanakar, peacock Monal etc.

Happy Valley – Tibetan Township:- Meandering Charlville road leads of pine – scented Happy Valley and the Tibetans Township and enchanted world where prayer flags flutter in the breeze against a chorea (Tibetan sputa ) and a temple cling to a precarious perch on a cliff while inside priests turn the bronze prayer wheel amidst scripture reciting acolytes. Inside a saffron draped room reposes a large tome, turned to the page last read by Dalai Lama on his visit. Shops are filled with exotic Tibetan ware the unpretentious restaurants serve the intimated change (rice and barley Beer ) a long with steamed damping called Mo and noodles mixed with vinegar and soy sauce.’ In the long Himalayans twilight monks blow the long trumpets just before prayer – way down below twinkle the lights of Dehradun.

Gun Hill – Erstwhile time – Keeper of a town:- In the earlier days a gun used be fired from this hill at precisely 12 O’ Clock noon to denote the time. Though the practices are discontinued and the gun the remove the ghost of the name clings to the hill. The hills in the aerial ropeway one gates a wide angle view of the snow Himalayan Mountain pecks and down below the winding serpentine valley. Easily accessible an uphill road start on the fashionable Mall opposite the chic restaurant top the Gun Hill, now are water reservoir that feed the town. On a clear day a magnificent view of kedarnath, Badrinath, Nanda Devi and Banderpoonch presents itself to viewer atop too is a picture of a glamorous queen symbolishong Mussoorie that replayed the gun when beauty scored a victor over brawn. There are so many cafeterias for the thirsty visitor.

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