Kanasar Forest Rest House

The FRH at kanasar gets its name from the local deity to whom the sacred groves of deodar in the area dedicated. Huge trees which are over 150 years old, with girths of 6.35 m and above can be found in this grove. The FRH was built in 1898 at an elevation of 2166m and is 30km from Chakrata, Kanasar range is silvi-culturally significant as regeneration of fir and spruce species was done here and was not successful, hence was named ‘Howard’s Folly’ after the DFO. The rocky terrain harbors the world’s most bitter plant Genti anakurroa locally called as ‘kutki‘. Trek to Deoban 9 km and Budher 10 km are good. Home stays are available at koti and Kanasar. The villages have beautiful wooden houses with intricate carvings.

Tourist attraction near FRH :

Surrounded by beautiful dense, Deodar and Kail forests Nature walks (Birding), 10 kms trek to Deoban FRH, Koti village (3kms), Kanasar Devta Temple, Jaunsar Babar Museum, Budher cave, Moila top (15kms), Bird Watching

Location : 30kms from Chakrata and 118kms from Dehradun.

Forest Division: Chakrata

Elevation : 2166m AMSL
Year of Construction: 1898
Year of Renovation : 2012