Dodital Forest Rest House

Dodital Lake is 37km from Uttarkashi out of which 22km is on foot from Sangamchatti. This is a very popular and beautiful trek. The stay in FRH and an eco lodge overlooking the lake is very pleasant. They have been renovated in 1997 after being damaged in the 1992 earthquake. The FRH is surrounded by forests of rai, murind & texus bacatta-a rare species found in plenty here. The lake has a circumference of 750m approx and is famous for the temple of Lord Ganesh. It is believed to be his birth place. Rainbow trout was introduced in the lake by the British which is still found in plenty. Assi Ganga emanated from the lake and has a good population of the trout. Trek to Darba top 6km and Gidara top 8km is an added attraction.

Tourist attraction near FRH :

Surrounded by rai, murind & texus bacatta (Thuner) forests, dense forest with lake view and temple, short treks to Darwa Top (6kms), Gidara Top (8kms), Dayara Bugyal (12kms) , Bakriya Top, Bird Watching

Location: 10kms by road from Uttarkashi upto Sangamchatti and from there 20kms trek.

Forest Division: Uttarkashi

Elevation: 3050m AMSL
Year of Construction: 1997
Year of Renovation: 2010